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New Home Building Inspections

Here at Adelaide Hills Building Inspections we understand that building a new is complicated process that involves builders, architects and other contractors. In order to ensure that any details or standards aren’t overlooked, the Australian Government recommends that an independent inspector is engaged to ensure each building complies with necessary codes and standards with relevant documentation. With the experts from Adelaide Hills Building Inspections on board, you can rest assured that not only is your building meeting building standards but you are also getting what you paid for with adequate workmanship free of corners being cut and safety hazards.

Typically engaged at the commencement of building to ensure standards are met throughout, it is also not uncommon for clients to engage our services prior to handover and finalisation of documents and payments.

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Renovation & Extension Inspections

Much like a new build, any renovations and extensions must meet national, state and local building codes and standards to ensure the building is free of safety risks, defects and structural issues.

Asbestos Inspections

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fibre that found widespread use across Australia throughout the twentieth century in a wide range of applications in the home including fencing, roof sheeting, guttering, concrete formwork and much more. Asbestos has gone on to leave a deadly mark in history, posing a risk to both residents and workers living with asbestos containing materials. With an estimated one third of all homes in Australia containing asbestos, inspections for the substance is needed before any renovation or maintenance work is commenced, locating the materials potential use throughout a building, its condition and how to move forward with planned works and removal.

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Pre Purchase Inspections

Here at Adelaide Hills Building Inspections we understand that buying a property can be a stressful procedure, our team is there to help that your decision is made on informed grounds protecting you, your family and your investment from risk. Our expert team provides a fast, easy to understand report with detailed photographs, on your potential purchase covering the following:

  • Safety Hazards – including asbestos
  • Identification of major defects – aspects that require immediate attention
  • Identification of minor defects – expected property maintenance
  • Damage by Pests – including termite damage
  • Suggested Works – including relevant trade information